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MANTIS Pro 310 III Tennis Racket

MANTIS Performa 260 Tennis Racket

  • The MANTIS Pro Series rackets have been specifically developed for intermediate/advanced players who are looking for the perfect balance of power and control.

    The second generation MANTIS Pro 310 III is the heaviest model within the Pro Series range. It is perfect for the advanced or powerful player who has a fast swing speed and is seeking a thinner profile control orientated racket.

    The Pro 310 III has been produced with a lay-up that provides lots of feel at ball impact but is soft enough to not strain your arm - even after prolonged periods of play. Similarly, extensive testing at the R&D stage helped to provide a frame which enables controllable power under heavy hitting whilst also giving exceptional feedback through good stability at ball contact. It also has an incredibly consistent performance across a wide range of string tensions making it the ideal racket across a wide range of playing styles.

    At 310g unstrung and with a 315mm balance, the MANTIS Pro 310 III is impressively manoeuvrable compared to similarly weighted rackets. The open 16 x 19 string pattern also allows for easy generation of spin.

    The Pro 310 III can also be customized to exactly match your own playing style and assist your improvements in the game. Similarly, the Custom Pallet Handle System enables players to change their grip size and even grip shape!

    As per all other rackets in the range, the latest Pro 310 now facilitates the use of advanced stringing techniques by highlighting the larger string tie-off holes.

    The classic matt black finish is complemented by subtle elements of green and stunning additional detail throughout the entire frame and this is finished off with our exceptional Pro replacement grip in brown.

    Tennishead - june 2016MANTIS Pro 310 III

    Voted "BEST FOR FEEL" in a review in tennishead magazine, June 2016.
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    MANTIS - Don't Fight It, Feel It.

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