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Soak Up The Vibes & play with silky smooth style. Our retro-inspired tennis vibration dampeners effectively absorb excess string vibration for a more comfortable playing experience.

Each dampener is reversible, with one side blue & one side pink.

Getagrip Tennis Dampener SOAKING UP VIBES

    • Why your racket needs a tennis vibration dampener:

    • Play it smooth - effectively absorb excess string vibration with our tennis racket shock absorber.
    • Put a pin in the ping - silence loud strings that make a grating ‘ping’ on each shot 🤫
    • Make it a match - Match dampeners with Non-Slip tennis racket overgrips for the ultimate retro combo 🤝
    • Durable silicon - stay secure on your strings.
    • Easy to apply - 10 seconds is all you need to install your tennis racket dampener.
    • Unique - you won’t find our exclusive designs anywhere else!
  • Shipping is Free

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